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Van Gompel Advocaten is a “éénmanszaak”, with registered seat in Belgium at 3500 Hasselt, Leonard Lessiuslaan 4, registered under the Belgian company number RPR Hasselt 0851.549.736. Van Gompel Advocaten is registered with the Hasselt Bar.

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Contact information provided by users
If a user informs us of contact information, such as fax numbers or e-mail addresses in order to send information or documentation, Van Gompel Advocaten may assume that the user has taken adequate measures with respect to security and confidentiality for the protection of its interests and data.

Van Gompel Advocaten keeps all information strictly confidential in accordance with the relevant Bar rules. We may refer to the name of a client (but not the content of any assignment) on our website, in advertising, presentations for (potential) clients, professional guides and newspapers.

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General Conditions
Our disclaimer does not – in any way – replace our General Conditions governing the assignments for clients or future clients. The disclaimer only covers the content, design and use of the Van Gompel Advocaten website. If you wish to receive a copy of our General Conditions, please contact us by e-mail (info@vangompeladvocaten.be).