We advise on commercial law, more specifically market law, insolvency, intellectual property and transnational commercial law. We are also reliable experts in European and international procedural law.

Some examples from our recent practice:

  • My company goes through temporary cash-flow problems. How can I protect myself from my creditors ?
  • Can I prevent a competitor from copying my trade name ?
  • A Spanish customer refuses to pay his invoices. What to do ?
  • How do I protect an interesting invention ?
  • I wish to import medicines via a parallel circuit. How do I handle this ?
  • Can I recover the collection costs as well from my debtor ?
  • A former employee runs off with a confidential customer list. Actions ?
  • My Swedish manufacturer terminates my dealer agreement with immediate effect. Which are my rights ?
  • Can I make price agreements with my co-market participants ?
  • My main contractor will possibly go bankrupt. How can I ensure payment of my works as a subcontractor ?