We master company law. On the one hand, we help you legally structure your business. On the other hand, we assist you in company law litigation and its specific procedures.

Some examples from our own recent practice:

  • I wish to take over a competitor. How do I legally structure this deal ?
  • I am sued as director. What to do ?
  • I reached an agreement with my co-founders for our new company. Which statutes and shareholders agreements are needed ?
  • Am I committed by a “Letter of Intent” ?
  • My rights as a minority shareholder are not respected. Do I have any legal actions ?
  • I want to sell my company. I received from the buyer a whole list of “representations and warranties”. How do I deal with this ?
  • I am mixed up in a conflict with my co-directors and shareholders. The company is suffering under these circumstances. Is there a way out ?
  • What is a “Turbo-liquidation” ?