We draft agreements and contracts on a daily basis. Starting from your personal interest, we look for the contractual win-win. After all, balanced agreements offer you the greatest chance of commercial success. It goes without saying that we cover your legal risks.

Some examples from our recent practice:

  • Which distribution contract matches my sales strategy best ? Mere consecutive sales ? A distributorship agreement ? An agency agreement ? Other ?
  • Am I committed by a non-competition clause that is applicable for 8 years over Europe and the Middle East ?
  • Is it wise to always opt for Belgian law in my contracts with my European customers ?
  • How do I stop a contractual party who obviously is acting in bad faith ?
  • Are my general sales conditions still up-to-date ?
  • Which guarantees do I have to provide to consumers as a vendor ? Can I limit these guarantees
  • How do I streamline my sales and purchase documents ?
  • I wish to start up a webshop. What is legally required ?
  • Do I choose in my contract for the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts, for arbitration or for mediation
  • How can I protect myself as general contractor against a possible bankruptcy of my subcontractor ?